LUBIANKA is a musical project born in early 2009 in the city of Barcelona.

LUBIANKA’s music navigates through the most diverse genres, being psychedelia the axis that melts everything. In their songs you can find the inherent power of rock, but also echoes of Electronic, Free-Jazz, Pop, Funk, Krautrock and even African and Indian music, styles they do not take in their purest form, but which they adapt to the personal idiosyncrasy of the band.

The live shows of LUBIANKA have been conceived as a performance, a sound journey where the different songs get usually intertwined with each other, interceded by small ambient interludes, often improvised, where the sounds grow in intensity progressively until reaching the inevitable catharsis, or they spaces in calm, of pure introspection. 


Contact / Booking:

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Tonzonen Records

Brachter Straße 34

47839 Krefeld


Tel: +49175 5050221

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