Known for her collaborations with international artists such as Iggy Pop, John Parish, Nick Cave or Hugo Race, Catherine Graindorge joined forces with bassist David Christophe and drummer Elie Rabinovitch under the name NILE ON WAX 

The trio's music defies classification by claiming an instantly recognizable identity; intense and foggy, somewhere between post-rock, jazz and psychedelism, the soundtrack for a western, or a nocturnal urban walk.

After three critically acclaimed albums ("Nox", "Freaks" and "Bell Dogs"), compositions for dance (Charleroi Danse) and cinema (Hal Hartley, Karim Ouelhaj) and numerous concerts throughout Belgium and abroad, the trio has just been signed by the German label Tonzonen.


Catherine Graindorge

David Christophe

Elie Rabinovitch


Contact :

Anmelden Abmelden

Tonzonen Records

Brachter Straße 34

47839 Krefeld


Tel: +49175 5050221

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