Solitär from Stockholm, Sweden is the solo project by Mikael Tuominen, a multi-instrumentalist known from bands like Kungens Män and Automatism, who was born in Sweden in 1973 by Finnish parents. He has been working within a large spectrum of music over the years, ranging from doom metal to avant garde free improvisation to music for film to indie rock. 

Solitär has a unique take on mellow indie rock. The music is often laid back and fragile, but there’s a bass driven heaviness cooking underneath with a clear impact of psych and shoegaze. The music travels freely through the centuries, hinting at soundscapes from the late sixties up until today without losing its focus  - there is a story to be told. The lyrics deal with death, time travel, family and old ghosts, but also touch upon issues like class and the struggle of belonging in the world. Solitär is available for live requests in a full band setting. 



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