The Spacelords were founded in spring '2008  by Matthias 'Hazi' Wettstein - guitar, Marcus Schnitzler - drums, and Klaus Werz - bass. In may '2008 Holdi Pape joined the band. He highlighted their music with his flute and stayed until end of '2009.

In may '2014 Klaus left the band. With Ekhard 'Akee' Kazmaier on bassguitar The Spacelords have found their perfect line up since june '2014. In summer '2015 the Spacelords became member of the Tonzonen Records label family.

With an elegant combination of spacey melodies and powerful riffs they have created their unique sound. An intensive psychedelic journey and magical expedition of cosmic dimensions.


Hazi - guitars, effects

Akee  - bassguitar, effects 

Marcus - drums, soundscapes


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Tonzonen Records

Brachter Straße 34

47839 Krefeld


Tel: +49175 5050221

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