Here the captain speaking, the captain is dead are a lysergic journey through cosmic improvisations; a

expedition shaken by the turbulence of motorik rhythms that crosses the unfathomable landscapes of Space Rock in search of the elementary particles of the Krautrock; an instrumental psychedelic exercise where galactic slogans emanate from the synthesizers, while the guitars are immersed in infinite crescendos sponsored by the hypnotic wake of the drums and the bass. A whole universe of intense sounds under which the influence of the experimental melodies of NEU!, electric delusions of Amon Düül II, the cosmic acidity of Ash Ra Tempel and the space paths of Hawkwind, to which they pay tribute in a hidden wink in the name of the band.

The group was born in Valencia in 2018, when Lucas (drums) decided to form a musical project to crystallize

his concerns for Space Rock with Adrián (guitar) and Dela (bass). The trio will record their debut album releasing it in format cassette, a homonymous work in which an atmosphere brimming with psychedelic sounds runs through science fiction stories.

Meanwhile, the band will undergo a change of formation, first Dela and, later, Adrián will end up getting off

from the ship. The new crew members to board will be Josu (bass) and Xavi (guitar, voice). Months later, Ethan (synthesizers)- It will be the last addition to arrive, thus creating the current lineup of the band in the form of a quartet and taking a more cosmic course if possible. Precisely as a quartet they will sign for the German record label Tonzonen in 2019, with who will release their debut album in vinyl format.

Throughout his career, Here the captain speaking, the captain is dead have shared the stage with artists from

American independent scene such as Thalia Zedeck, the French PoiL, or, in a record closer to rock

psychedelic, with the Japanese Acid Mother Temple and Minami Deutsch. In addition, they have been part of the Festival Sonic Blast Moledo (Portugal), specialized in psych, doom and stoner sounds, and, more recently, they have carried out an exercise of programmatic music performing live a series of previously unreleased songs composed for the screening of the film cult La planète sauvage (1973) by René Laloux.

Without a doubt, a band to float in space.


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Tel: +49175 5050221

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