"One listen to this musical outfit from Southern Russia known as Vespero was all it took to make me begin thinking about the great things that must be happening in Russia…"

(by Ryan Sparks, Sea Of Tranquility).


“…Vespero was formed back in 2003 in South Russia (Astrakhan) and since then they have many releases, CDRs, LP albums, Live recordings, Split Albums, 7 inch singles. They are one of the Best contemporary Space Rock bands in Europe (not only in Russia) and the remarkable thing here is that their music varies from one album to another! Maybe because there’s a big range of influences that are trying to emulate but always adding their personal aspect!



“..Their adventurous instrumental music has elements of prog/post/space/psych and krautrock, electronic and ambient music and lately even more jazz and also classical influences, so you never know

where they are going and you won't get bored on the journey….”

(by Dj Astro)


“…Focusing on the evolution of Vespero makes it easy to perceive their uniqueness within the contemporary progressive and psychedelic scene. A uniqueness that, apart from the distinctive sound and the mark they

have made in space rock, is reinforced by their origin and their geographical isolation…”

(by Kostas Barbas,


“…Vespero may be prolific in their output, but as someone who has followed them over many years and albums I can attest to the freshness and excitement that generally accompanies each new release…”

(by Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations)


“…This is more than just guys jamming together. There is real and ntricate songwriting that allows you to add it all together like a puzzle. Also it has the wonderful vintage production that has a wonderful warm sound. If we’re being honest, Vespero have found their own sound already a long time ago…”

( by Pascal Thiel,




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