Dead Man´s Eyes - Words Of Prey LP / CD

Dead Man´s Eyes - Words Of Prey LP / CD

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Those who have witnessed Dead Man's Eyes, know how their arrangements alternate between jazzy, dynamic key-rhythms and guitar powered, mantric jams within seconds. Without getting lost in an ecstatic, repetitive maze of confusion the polyphonic vocals guide the listener through a wide range of songs. On stage the band presents itself energetically, and creates a strong atmosphere. Within the last years Dead Man's Eyes shared the stage with international acts such as Tame Impala, Band of Skulls, The Datsuns, Black Mountain and many more. After locking themselves up in a windowless room for approximately two years, nourished solely by coffee and their own hair, Dead Man's Eyes now return to the daylight and present to us the WORDS OF PREY - the Longplay Record that will be released in cooperation with Tonzonen Records on Vinyl, CD and digital.



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