MOOP is a crazy animal. Mixing metal heaviness with contempory jazz improv, MOOP plays a singular music, strong, full of break, meditative, even poetic.

It hints and blares an hybrid « brutal jazz », with complex rythms. Two robust baryton saxophones support the lucid aberrations of a guitar reminding Robert Fripp's obsessions and tripping drums.


William Brandy : bari sax

Maxime Roger : bari sax 

Julien Coupet : guitar

Erwin Toul : drums


The band is based in Poitiers, Paris and Périgueux (France). MOOP was created by the saxophonist William Brandy in 2011. The first album “MOOP” was recorded during summer 2016 and came out in September 2017. In France MOOP mostly play live with math-rock bands (Sec, Piscine, Kouma…) or Jazz artists (Thomas de Pourquery, Magnetic Ensemble).