Uluru - Imaginary Sun LP (Limitiert 500 Stk.)

Uluru - Imaginary Sun LP (Limitiert 500 Stk.)

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Uluru is an Istanbul-based instrumental / psychedelic rock trio, formed to produce and experience new sounds and nuances through improvisation.

For example the track >Dazed Hill< is a trip to Kata-Tjuta, Uluru's brother mountain in Australia. The trip goes slow but strong, sure from itself, despite it is a very long road, with full of disasters.

Blind Camel, lost in a stormy desert, trying to find its way. In some part, there was a light about the right passage, but he soon realises that it is just a miracle. Camel losts all the hope in the end, and lays down on the sand, waiting for his death.

>Imaginary Sun< is a floating psychedelic space rock trip about realising the fake feelings about your life, facing the sand in your face, while you're trying to reach out your fake god or fake sun.

Gatefold Cover, limited to 500 (300 red, 200 black), 180g high quality vinyl, including band photo & sticker













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Versandgewicht: 500 g
Versandgewicht: 500 g
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