Karakorum - Beteigeuze LP (farbiges Vinyl / Limitiert 500 Stk.)

Karakorum - Beteigeuze LP (farbiges Vinyl / Limitiert 500 Stk.)

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Karakorum beams the Kraut-Sound of the early 1970s directly in the present and takes the listener on an intergalactic journey... in a time where the sounds were rough and heavy, the grass was greener and the spirit of the hippies was not buried in the vault of commerce.

The young German quintet creates soundscapes and catches this almost forgotten spirit in their very own way. Sometimes spherical and moony, sometimes like a punch in the face. Rhythmical shenanigans meets melodic parts which cozen all senses.

Karakorum does not have only one lead singer but five voices singing in harmony, canon or even counterpoint to generate the groups’ unique character. They do not confirm cliché but create their own sound. 

Gatefold, high quality coloured vinyl, Inlay






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