Mouth - Floating LP (farbiges Vinyl / Limitiert 500 Stk.)

Mouth - Floating LP (farbiges Vinyl / Limitiert 500 Stk.)

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Floating sounds very different to the previous album Vortex. It’s a bit like the “downside up” or the sarcastic happy contrast to the vortex world.

Floating (reprise) is the opening track and it was also the hidden track on Vortex. It perfectly fits as a bridge to connect both albums.
Also the themes are still connected to the loose vortex narrative.Madbeth and Reversed are ironic songs about mad leaders. Distance was basically intended to open the vortex album and O.T.B.Field is also referring to “March Of The Clopes” and “Into The Light” from the Vortex album. The instrumentals (Homagotago / Sunrise / Sunset) are basically Krautrock inspired jams.

Picking up the spirit of the old days... 

Limited 500 copies (250 green / 250 blue), gatefold cover, inlay

Attention! The LPs are shrink-wrapped and mixed in color. Who receives which color is pure coincidence.



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