Slovo Mira - Black Fjord And The End Of The World LP / CD

Slovo Mira - Black Fjord And The End Of The World LP / CD

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Slovo Mira is the group of finest Russian experimental musicians from two biggest cities of the country. "Black Fjord And The End Of the World" is their second album and the first one for German Tonzonen Records. By the means of music the band is telling the story of the astral journey that happened to the main character of the record.

Slovo Mira processes elements of Jazz as well as free improvisation into an exciting psychedelic mixture.

Instruments used include Glockenspiel, Balalaika (Russian traditional string instrument played by virtuoso George Nefedov), glitchy loops, electronics, guitars (all by Kamille Sharapodinov of The Grand Astoria and The Legendary Flower Punk fame), fretless bass (by Alexander Vorontsov, the member of Moscow based prog metalheads Adaen), drums, noise synths, percussion (by Viktor Tikhonov, known for his work with Kshettra and Detieti), keyboards, theremin, and double bass (performed by Nick Samarin of IWKC, also responsible for the sound of Slovo Mira). The album easily drifts between instrumental psychedelic rock, neo-kraut, jazz-rock, folk and avant-garde and serves as the great document of the band's creativity and improvisational talent.

Vinyl 300 copies, high quality gatefold & clear vinyl

Digipack CD 500 copies


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