Lemurian Folk Songs ist eine seit 2015 aktive Psychedelic Blues & Folk Rock Band aus Ungarn. Das neue Album "Logos" überzeugt durch ein wunderbar atmosphärisches und intensives Songwriting. 


Lemurian Folk Songs is a psychedelic blues & folk rock band from Hungary, active since 2015. The new album "Logos" convinces with a wonderful atmospheric and intensive songwriting. 


"In order to understand what a mantra is, it is necessary to adopt the perspective that considers all things in function of sound and movement.

Everything in the universe is a vibration; this vibration has the living sense of speaking, of expressing the invisible world. It is movement as sounding word and revealing Logos. "

EA: On the General Doctrine of Mantras


LP: Limitiert 300 Stück (High Quality Clear Blue vinyl); Gatefold Cover (Special Finish), Insert


RELEASE: 26. JUNE 2020

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