THE SHADOW LIZZARDS - WHO IS WHO (from the album: Someone's Heartache)

DEAD MAN´S EYES - TAKE OF SOON (from the album: III)

SVIN - DØDSENSANGST (from the album: Introducing Svin)

GONG WAH - HEARTACHE JEAN (from the album: A Second)

ASTRAL MAGIC - SEVEN PLANES (from the album: Magical Kingdom)

ANDERES HOLZ - MORGENWELT (from the album: Continuo)

ANDERES HOLZ - SCHWAN (from the album: Continuo)

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA (feat. The Spacelords) - BALKENSPIRALE (from the album: Musique Bizarre)

NOORVIK - TARTAROS (from the album: Hamartia)

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - ÜBERSCHWUPPER (from the album: Musique Bizarre)

NOORVIK - TANTALOS (from the album: Hamartia)

TAUMEL - LOST IN SPACE | LIVE (from the album: Now We Stay Forever Lost In Space Together)

GONG WAH - THIS LIFE (from the album: A Second)

TAUMEL - LOST IN SPACE (from the album: Now We Stay Forever Lost In Space Together)

THE SPACELORDS - F.K.B.D.F. (from the album: Unknown Species


SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - DAS SALODENPRINZIP (from the forthcoming album: Musique Bizarre)

SOUND OF SMOKE - INDIAN SUMMER (from the forthcoming album: Tales)

GLASGOW COMA SCALE - MAGIK (from the album: Sirens)

THE SUN OR THE MOON - TRIPPIN´ ON MARS (from the album: Cosmic)

TAUMEL - THERE IS (from the album: There Is No Time To Run Away From Here)

GONG WAH - SUGAR & LIES (from the album: Gong Wah) 

AUTOMATISM - FALCON MACHINE (from the album: Immersion)

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - BIRNE (from the EP: Birne / Maya)

IGUANA - BELOW THE HINTERLANDS (from the album: Translational Symmetry)


IGUANA - TIME TRANSLATION SYMMETRY (from the album: Translational Symmetry)

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - KAISERS KAFFEE (from the album: Nachdenken über Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser)

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - RADWEG INS GLÜCK (from the album: Maat Lander & Sounds Of New Soma - Split-LP)

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